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Homeward Bound assists individuals with disabilities in finding their voice and realizing their full potential.

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We offer innovative and comprehensive services to those with a wide range of abilities.


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Celebrating Dedication and Compassion: Join the Homeward Bound Family

July 16

At Homeward Bound, we are blessed with colleagues whose compassion, love, and kindness are evident in every area of their lives.  Work environments in which people genuinely care about each... Read More »

Let’s Make an Impact Together

July 11

The Impact of Volunteers at Homeward Bound: Due to Covid, we were heartbroken to close our doors to our youth group volunteers from Church of the Open Door, after a... Read More »

At Homeward Bound We Are Family

July 10

Homeward Bound’s vision for our individuals follows a person-centered approach, prioritizing the autonomy and self-agency of individuals and enhancing their engagement and well-being.  This shift towards a relational approach is... Read More »


August 26, 2024

Golf Classic

Join us for our 28th Annual Golf Classic at Minnesota Valley Country Club in Bloomington!

September 21, 2024

Made in the Shade

Join us this fall for our 19th Annual Made on the Shade!

October 26, 2024


Celebrating the talent of disabled artists in our community!

Your donation supports a wonderful quality of life for children, adolescents, and adults with disabilities.

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More Than a Job

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Support a wonderful quality of life for children, adolescents, and adults with disabilities.

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