Zoo Visit

When Blake saw the flamingos he was pleased…they’re pink, which is his favorite color. In fact, Blake was wearing his favorite color on the day we went to the zoo.

To say that he loves animals, reptiles, and birds is an understatement. More than once as we stood before the creatures, Blake smiled and said, “Ok, now I’m going to jump in, because I want to go and hug them.” Blake himself is a pet-owner and loves them all – birds, frogs, snakes, hamsters, lizards and spiders. At the MN Zoo, when Blake caught sight of the Komodo Dragon, the largest and heaviest lizards in the world, he gazed at it with wonder. The lizard is one of few that has a venomous bite, a fact he quickly shared with staff.

Facts are things that Blake shared freely throughout the visit to the zoo. He knows what makes the silver-colored shell of the MN Snapper Turtle unique. He pointed out the long snout of the Tapir. And he noted the shiny red skin of the Tomato Frog. He shared all of these with ease, even the details about the 13 ft long Python snake.

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