Virtual Day at the Capitol

Rally in Solidarity

On March 9, Homeward Bound joined self-advocates, caregivers, family members and disability advocates from across the state to virtually rally in solidarity of the important work done each and every day that supports individuals in living their best life possible!  ARRM, our trade association, along with MOHR, co-hosted Virtual Disability Services Day at the Capitol.

Homeward Bound had ensured that all of the houses had the technology needed to view the event on their TVs; streamed from the house laptop.  ARRM also had a Facebook live event.  Thank you to Chris Dunleavy for his time out at the houses!

The virtual event had QUITE a good reach;  500 screens on the Zoom call (some screens had 1 person and others had 2+), a few hundred watching on Facebook Live and as of today, the Facebook Live video has 2.3K views!

Homeward Bound was honored to be a part of Disability Services Day at the Capitol!

ARRM is an active member of the Best Life Alliance, a statewide coalition of more than 130 organizations, people with disabilities, families and supporters advocating for Minnesota’s Home & Community-Based Services.  Founded in 2014, this coalition was previously known as The 5% Campaign.

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