Storage is a Gift

There’s No Place Like Storage

Storage is a necessity. Storage gives us an uncluttered and comfortable home. Storage helps us breathe. Storage is a gift!

This summer Saint Paul College Instructor Perry Franzen and his carpentry students built a beautiful shed for Winnetka House.A shed that will help get items that are not in use every day out of the house so that the space is open and neat. It gives the individuals and staff the feeling of comfort.

This was not just a gift of time and skill. This was a gift from the heart. I say that because this summer Perry’s home in Wisconsin was hit by a terrible storm and Perry and his family lost acres and acres of trees, not to mention damage to their house and out buildings. Perry’s life was turned upside down and he faces not months but years of work clearing the damaged trees off his property. Trees that are so twisted and shredded that they cannot be salvaged for the wood. Even with this enormous undertaking ahead of him and his family, he still took on an added project for Homeward Bound. Perry is not only a Homeward Bound donor and friend. Perry is a gift!

Thanks so much to Perry and the Saint Paul College carpentry students for your hard work, skill, and kindness! Check out all the photos from start to finish!

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