Ladies Night Out

Spa Night

Recently the ladies of Brooklyn Park were treated to a relaxing spa night. The rec room was full of energy and music as everyone got settled around the tables. Smiles and laughter filled the air when the ladies spotted all the colorful nail polish, smelled the lotions, and tested the massagers.

The night started off with lotion rubs on the arms, legs, and hands. The smell of flowers and vanilla filled the air as the ladies were put into a relaxing state of mind. With muscles relaxed the ladies moved on to choosing their fingernail polish. The sound of clipping and filing filled the room as everyone’s nails were getting prepped for color.

Smiles spread from face to face as each nail was carefully painted with bright, vibrant colors. While their nails dried each person was treated to a long massage on the shoulders and neck. We ended the night with laughter as each lady proudly showed off their polished nails and posed for the camera. Check out all the photos!

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