Celebrating the Superheroes We Call Dad!

Happy Father’s Day to all the incredible dads out there! 💙

At Homeward Bound, Inc., we are a family-driven organization dedicated to supporting not just individuals with disabilities, but their families as well.  We understand the profound importance of this commitment, especially when caring for those with severe disabilities.

For individuals with less severe disabilities, there can sometimes be differences between family expectations and the individual’s desires.  Our role is to bridge that gap, helping families see their loved ones as capable adults.  However, for those with profound disabilities, families often have to make crucial decisions on their behalf.  Our professionals strive to support these families in every way, helping to bring out the best in their loved ones.  Doing so involves a lifelong commitment that many families come to terms with over time.   Most of us parents give up that burden when our children become adults.  Not so with families of individuals with severe disabilities.   The toll of this lifelong commitment is often agony, pain, guilt, anger, isolation, and great uncertainty.   But it can also bring pride, joy, and immense satisfaction.  And great learning too.

Today, we celebrate the lifelong dedication of fathers who tirelessly advocate for and support their children with disabilities.  Your unwavering love, strength, and resilience inspire us every day.  Thank you for all that you do!

Join us in honoring two dads whose sons have received and continue to receive services from HBI.

  1. Steve Harris author of Dads Like Us, A Survival Guide for Fathers Raising a Child with Disabilities dives into his journey as the father of two sons with disabilities, one of which being born with severe spina bifida.
  2. Samuel Lieberman author of Strong Shoulders details his journey from childhood to adulthood while supporting his Auschwitz-survivor mother through her emotional trauma, offers a profound and broad exploration of resilience and family dynamics.

Both stories are compelling, honest, and intelligent.  Head over to our blog to read the complete book review written by our former CEO, Don Priebe: Read the book review

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