Happy Bunch Investigators

Team Building

As a rule, we do not like surprises. Not for any particular reason, just because. The team building exercise provided by our HBI Human Resources department October 25th, however, was AMAZING.

Supervisors from Medicine Lake, June and Brooklyn Park were treated first to lunch at corporate then whisked away in style for an afternoon of adrenaline-fueled problem solving at Escape MSP. We were faced with what seemed like an impossible task. Locked in a room with only our wits, team Happy Bunch Investigators rose to the task. We faced a daunting scenario: who would be the next victim of Miss Treedeath? She had murdered thrice that we knew of already. To save the life of a fourth innocent person our team needed to work together to solve puzzles and find clues. We had to decipher who the next target was, where Treedeath would strike and at what time but only had an hour to do so. With the clock ticking down and our hearts beating fast we had to keep our minds clear and our teamwork at the forefront to foil Miss Treedeath’s dastardly plan.

The only way we could complete it was by working together and listening to each other. Afterward, our hosts gave us titles such as ‘good luck charm’ (Decontee), ‘the librarian’ (Lisa) and ‘the chef’ (Janie). It was a great exercise, and so much fun. Doing that exercise brought us together for a common goal just like we strive to achieve at Homeward Bound every day.

And ice cream. We got ice cream afterward. Thank you so much for the super fun experience!!! It was fantastic!

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