Employee of the Month – July

Moses Muyingo was selected as Homeward Bound’s July Employee of the Month for his excellent care and support of those who call Winnetka home!

Brin, Operations Administrators told us Moses is great with everyone he supports.  He is very thorough and documents well.  She said he doesn’t like to slide but always responds to those requests by saying, “I’ll do it for you and the clients”.  Scott, Operations Administrator, told us he wishes he could clone Moses.  He said Moses sometimes supports the folks that live at Lee house as well.  They play games, talk, and joke around and Moses knows the people he supports on a personal level.  Everyone at Lee often asks, “When is Moses coming back?”

Moses started at Homeward Bound in March of 2020.  This was his first job in the Human Services field.  A friend had recommended him to the company.  He didn’t know much about the field, but he knew he had a passion for helping people.  What he enjoys most about working at Homeward Bound are the people.  He likes the way people connect and it gives him satisfaction.

When asked what makes this job fun, Moses said to know the people he supports on a personal level.  He said when he talks to them he learns what they want and how they like things to be and then he helps them do those things.  He has fun interactions with everyone and feels a sense of satisfaction when they are happy.

Moses’ advice to anyone new to working with people with disabilities is to be consistent, be patient, and be respectful.

Thank you, Moses!

Moses received a $1000 bonus and is a candidate for the 2023 Employee of the Year Award!

Homeward Bound’s Employee of the Month Program started in January 2023 by popular demand from staff who shared ideas and concerns with HBI management at town hall meetings in Fall 2022.  The selection process is done via blind voting to ensure that the winner is selected only for the exceptional life-enriching care they provide to people.


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