Employee of the Month – April 2023

Rosaline Wilson was selected as Homeward Bound’s April Employee of the Month for her excellent care for and support of Jaz, Justin, and Donnell at Lake Drive!

Nicole, Operations Administrator, told us that Rosaline “has a heart of gold”.  She is easy going and treats everyone with kindness.  When there are issues that affect the people she supports, she goes looking for answers and solutions.  When there is a birthday or holiday to celebrate, she always puts out a great spread and festively decorates for the occasion.  Rosaline also coordinates activities and brings people together for celebrations. Rosaline is also a great supervisor.  Always looking out for her team.  She asks for their input on matters of the house and listens to their thoughts and ideas.  She is very understanding and flexible.

At Lake Drive, Rosaline makes sure everyone lives their best life!   Always on the go!  They like to go to beaches, lakes, and Minnehaha Falls.  They also like to go on walks and go to parks to listen to music.  When the weather isn’t the best for outdoor activities, they stay in and play games like Yatzee, Operation, and Connect Four.  Rosaline likes to do a lot of sensory activities with everyone.  She will fill the sink or a bowl with water so they can splash around or make bubbles.  Another sensory activity Rosaline does is finger painting.  She makes pudding and sets up the table in a way for everyone to finger paint.  Everybody has a great time!

Rosaline joined Homeward Bound in April of 2000.  She told us it is a pleasure and a blessing to support and assist the folks at Lake Drive. They are like her extended family. Rosaline feels like she was raised in this field. Her mother is a nurse who supports people with disabilities in Missouri. For those who are new to the field, Rosaline’s advice is to always treat people how you want to be treated.  We should assist people, not control them. No matter how they express themselves, the people we support have a voice and it is our job to listen.  They will tell us what they want and need; we just have to pay attention.

Thank you, Rosaline!

Rosaline received a $1000 bonus and is a candidate for the 2023 Employee of the Year Award!

Homeward Bound’s Employee of the Month Program started in January 2023 by popular demand from staff who shared ideas and concerns with HBI management at town hall meetings in Fall 2022.  The selection process is done via blind voting to ensure that the winner is selected only for the exceptional life-enriching care they provide to people.

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