Chief Executive Officer – Open Position

Homeward Bound, Inc. (HBI), a 503© non-profit, was established in 1973 by the parents of children with a variety of disabilities.  It is the one of the largest community-based residential service providers in Minnesota for children, adolescents, and adults with complex disabilities. 

We have 3 levels of homes to meet the unique needs and preferences of our individual clients and their families.
These include service group homes for individuals with severe disabilities but mild to moderate health needs, Intermediate Care facilities (ICF/IDD), and our high medical homes that serve individuals funded under either the Community Alternative Care (CAC) or other waivers.

We currently have 22 homes in 10 Twin Cities communities.
HBI has budgeted annual revenue of $19 million in 2024 supported by approximately 260 employees.
Our Corporate Headquarters is located in Plymouth, MN.

Reporting to our CEO are the following divisional leaders: Director of Finance and Property, Director of Development, Director of Human Resources, Director of Programs and Operations, Director of Nursing, Director of Training, Program Administrator of Quality Assurance, and the Executive Assistant.

Position Summary:

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the overall leadership and management of Homeward Bound, Inc (HBI) and the Homeward Bound Foundation (Foundation).  The CEO provides contemporary leadership and vision in the implementation of policies and practices that enhance the lives of people supported by HBI and ensures the organizational success of HBI and the Foundation. The CEO gives direction to the formulation and leads the achievement of the mission, core values, vision and goals.

Responsible to lead strategic planning, ensure optimal operational efficiencies, and maintain sound fiscal management.  Provides vision on the purchase or sale of properties.  Develops appropriate infra-structure to support planned growth.  Oversees internal and external communications to enhance HBIs visibility and image.  Serves as the chief spokesperson for HBI and the foundation to employees, clients, client families, competitors, federal, state, and county, and other outside agencies.

Reports to the Board of Directors and works closely with the BOD and the Foundation BOD.   Ensures both boards are structured effectively and populated by engaged and diverse membership.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

Board of Directors

  1. Serves as the Chief Executive Officer for HBI, reporting to the Board, accepting responsibility for the success or failure of the agency.
  2. Along with Board Chairs of the BOD and the Foundation BOD, enables both boards to fulfill their governance functions, including determining the organization’s mission and purpose; selecting and evaluating the CEO; monitoring the quality of the organization’ services; creating and monitoring short-term and Strategic Plans; creating and monitoring policy and resolutions; ensuring sound fiscal management; maintaining effective board organization and recruitment; creating prudent risk management policies, successful fund-raising, and the enhancement of the images of both HBI and the Foundation.
  3. Ensures each board analyzes and understands its current mission, core values, and vision.
  4. Ensures that both boards are kept fully informed on the condition of the organization and all important factors influencing it.
  5. Accountable for both boards to be structured effectively and populated by an engaged, responsible, diverse and successful membership.
  6. Responsible for the planning and management of all BOD and Foundation BOD governance functions, including but not limited to scheduling meetings, documentation, and committee assignments.

Strategic Plan

  1. Partners with the BOD, the Foundation BOD, and HBI leadership in creating and updating a strategic plan.
  2. Creates and obtains the relevant board’s approval of a “Management Implementation Plan” (MIP), which identifies how management will accomplish the strategic plan.
  3. Translates the goals of the strategic plan into measurable criteria on the MIP.

Corporate Management and Leadership

  1. Ensures the performance of all corporate management and leadership functions, including directly supervising the Senior Management Team to enhance team performance.
  2. Serves as the liaison between the Board and management.
  3. Creates a culture of teamwork that that ensure HBI’s mission and core values are practiced throughout the organization.
  4. Ensures the HBI has the talent needed to achieve its mission, vision, and Strategic Plan, and realization of its core values. This entails the need to both hire and retain staff by providing competitive total compensation packages, and a culture that supports employee engagement, recognition, and diversity of employment.
  5. Promotes professional growth and job satisfaction of staff through quality training, mentoring, motivating, developing, and coaching. Develop job metrics and a performance evaluation process to support these initiatives.
  6. Develops an organizational structure that provides strength to the organization, growth for employees, and preparedness for succession planning.
  7. Oversees the coordination and management of all legal affairs.


  1. Provides leadership to achieve effective performance of among all operations at HBI and the Foundation. Includes service operations, program services, nursing, human resources, finance and property management and development.
  2. Makes certain that operations are conducted according to all external requirements including federal, state, and local laws, regulations, policy and contract requirements; HBI must retain all necessary licenses and contracts.
  3. Makes certain that operations are conducted according to all internal requirements including HBI’s and the Foundation’s missions, core values, visions, policies, prudent risk management, and the Board resolutions and directives of both boards.
  4. Holds staff accountable so that all services are delivered to the satisfaction of individuals, their families, and case management.
  5. Serves as the final management authority with respect to operations and exercises such operational duties as assigned by policy and procedure.
  6. Creates an environment that provides clients and their families the proper balance between the safety of individuals and their rights to the risks inherent in community life and to community inclusion.

Financial Management

  1. Ensures the financial viability of the organization.
  2. In partnership with divisional leaders, creates an annual budget, successfully implements the approved budget, and monitors it with timely reporting to the BOD and Foundation BOD.
  3. Makes certain that the flow of funds permits HBI to make steady progress towards the achievement of its mission and that those funds are allocated properly to reflect present need and future potential.
  4. External Requirements: knowledge of and ensures compliance with all laws, regulations, policies of federal, state, and local financial requirements: Medicaid, CMS, IRS, DHS, MDH, MN AG, Non-profit corporation Act, Solicitation of Charitable Funds, MN Revenue Dept, generally accepted accounting principles or GAP. Manages all outside inspections or audits by external agencies, including the annual financial audit.
  5. Banking: obtains and maintains an effective working and financial relationship with banking vendors to ensure account management and adequate working capital to ensure compliance with external requirements; accomplishment of mission, projects, and strategic plan; accounts receivable and payables; liquidity requirements, cash flow; and service delivery.
  6. Assets Management: develops and maintains purchasing, property management, and maintenance systems and funding to ensure the procurement of necessary property, vehicles, equipment, and supplies. Maintains a fixed asset inventory.  Ensures the adequate maintenance for all property, vehicles, lifts, etc.
  7. Leasing: negotiates and manages all property and equipment leases.
  8. Risk Management: minimizes financial risk.
  9. Budgeting: develops, obtains approval of and implements the annual budget, both operating and capital. Manages revenue and expenses in accordance with the budget and obtains BOD approval for major deviations from the approved budget.
  10. Insurance: ensures the procurement and management of all insurance products necessary to accomplish the mission. Develops effective working relationships and information sharing with all insurance vendors, to reduce risk and maintain employee benefits.  Meets all insurance standards required by policy.
  11. Accounts Receivables: sets up and implements systems to ensure adequate ICF & HCBS rates & exceptions are obtained, billed & received in a timely manner.
  12. Accounts Payables: sets up and implements systems to ensure that all vendors and employees are paid in a timely manner with sufficient cash flow.
  13. Reporting: sets up and implements a system of financial reporting to the management team, the BOD, and outside agencies as necessary that is effectively shares necessary financial results, including key indicators. Develops and makes presentations as necessary.
  14. Financial Leadership & Strategic Management: ensures the implementation and achievement of financial strategic planning, identifies and accomplishes goals based on BOD formal or informal planning. Educates the management team and other employees on these goals and the necessity for financial stability and progress.
  15. Individual Eligibility & Finances: sets up and implements an eligibility & financial system, in accordance with all external requirements, for ensuring all individuals receiving services are on Medicaid and either have HCBS waiver or ICF SA. Manage, store, and handle resident funds.  Ensures residents meet all Medicaid financial payment requirements.
  16. Technology: sets up and implements all technological and security systems, including all hardware devices. Maintains the company network and cloud, including cybersecurity.  Maintains the company’s software related to accounting and HR.

Representation of HBI in the Community

  1. Along with the Board Chairs of the BOD and Foundation BOD, serves as the chief spokesperson for HBI and the Foundation to employees; competitors, federal state and county agencies; other outside agencies; individuals receiving services (individuals) their families, the media and the public.
  2. Facilitates the development and maintenance of effective working relationships between the representatives of HBI and the Foundation as well as representatives of competitors, outside agencies, individuals and their families, the media, and the public.
  3. Develops effective working relationships and pursues advocacy with the Association of Residential Resources in Minnesota (ARRM), other provider associations, advocacy groups representing individuals receiving services, or other stakeholder groups to advance effective services with Minnesota government, or the general public.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

  1. Creates a culture where HBI recognizes and appreciates patterns of cultural difference and commonality in cultures, among its employees, individuals, families, and other stakeholders.
  2. Actively integrates diversity and inclusion into HBI’s organizational culture, especially with respect to persons with disabilities.

Education/Licensure/Certification Requirements

  1. Master’s degree in business, public administration, human services, or related field required preferred. Bachelor’s degree required.
  2. Meet the licensing, contractual, and other mandated requirements of the state and county.
  3. Valid Minnesota Driver’s License with acceptable record required.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

  1. Minimum of 7 years of experience in non-profit leadership role required. Has a strong knowledge and understanding of the industry.
  2. Proven track record in leading and developing a similar-sized organization or department.
  3. Fluency in the English language, including verbal and written communication.
  4. Strategic and visionary.
  5. Critical analytical thinker with strong financial competencies.
  6. Experience creating and managing an operating and capital budget, risk management, asset management, leasing, reporting, and overall financial management.
  7. Strong and creative problem solving skills, including ability to make independent decisions of superior judgement.
  8. Experience working with crisis management. Ability to work calmly under deadlines and pressure.
  9. Proven leadership and management skills to motivate and retain staff.
  10. Demonstrates a positive demeanor and the emotional stability to perform these duties.
  11. Experience developing and maintaining professional and influential relationships with board members, individuals, families, employees, media, outside agency personnel, and the public.
  12. Comfortable and confident with public speaking.
  13. Highly proficient with Word, Excel and other technology needed to stay current as a leader.
  14. Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail required.

HBI offers a competitive salary and total benefit package including:

  • 8 Weeks Paid Time Off
  • Annual Salary Increases as approved by Board of Directors
  • Executive Bonus Program
  • Company Cell Phone
  • Mileage Reimbursement
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Basic Life Insurance
  • Short & Long-Term Disability
  • Vision Insurance
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Accident Insurance
  • Hospital Indemnity Insurance
  • Retirement savings account with employer match

Qualified candidates should submit their resume, cover letter, and salary expectations to

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