Blessed with Warmth

Giving Hearts

The individuals served by Homeward Bound require temperature control. A warm or cool home is vital, depending on the time of year. The human body reacts to its environment in a constant process known as homeostasis. Any drastic change in outside temperature, short-term or long-term, changes the internal temperature of the individuals we serve with disabilities. When body temperature elevates or lowers, people can get sick.

Homeward is blessed this winter to have a wonderful donor Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, who is donating new furnaces and air conditioning systems to four of our homes, 43rd, Independence, Zealand and June. Not only are they donating the systems, but also the labor to install them.

This generous donation goes beyond kind. Donations like this help us keep those we serve with disabilities safe! Thank you Standard Heating & Air Conditioning for your wonderful giving hearts. Check out the photos here!

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