At Homeward Bound We Are Family

Homeward Bound’s vision for our individuals follows a person-centered approach, prioritizing the autonomy and self-agency of individuals and enhancing their engagement and well-being. 

This shift towards a relational approach is humanizing, authentic, and ultimately transformative for all parties involved. Of the 91 individuals currently receiving care at Homeward Bound, most of these bright and creative individuals have spent more of their life in our care than in a traditional family home.  That reality leads all our staff to make each and every one of our 22 houses feel like a home.  

While family and friends make constant visits to our loved ones, the rapport, trust, and confidence that is built between HBI staff and individuals is a connection that we are very proud of.  You will often hear a staff member refer to individuals as family; and they truly are! 

HBI Employee Testimonies:

  • Patricia’s advice to anyone new to working with people with disabilities is to treat people how you want to be treated.  Be good to your staff and make them feel appreciated.  Be good to people.  Thank them for everything they do.  Patricia said, “I wouldn’t trade it [the job].  I love them [the people she supports] and they love me.  It gives me joy in life.  I am blessed.”
  • Enos’ advice to anyone new to working with people with disabilities is to get to know the people and their guardians.  Build trust with them so they know their relatives are being well taken care of.  If you are passionate about what you do, you will succeed.  The number one piece of advice Enos would give someone new to the field is to be consistent.  Learn and follow the routines of the people you support.  Help them live their best lives.
  • While Delsa isn’t in a routine direct care position, when the need arises, she will assist anyone who needs help without hesitation.  She treats everyone like a family member.  In the mornings, one of the ladies enjoys visiting with Delsa and listening to music.  While doing this, Delsa is able to multitask and watches each individual go out the door to their day program.  She ensures they have everything they should on the back of their wheelchairs.
  • Gertrude joined Homeward Bound in October of 2001.  When asked what she likes about working here she said that she loves people.  She loves to help people.  Before she came to Minnesota, she was a Nurse in Africa.  She told us she does this job with her whole heart and treats people the way she wants to be treated.  Something she does while she is at work is she tries to divide her time so she can have one on one time with each person.  She feels deep compassion for the people she is caring for and she serves them with love.
  • Doris Agu, Noble Program Manager/Nurse Case Manager, tells us, “[Musu] is an exceptional worker who goes way beyond their designated duties.  They maintain a positive and caring attitude toward the people she serves and always interacts with them in a   respectful manner.  She engages them in everything and is often seen painting their nails and grooming them with extra accessories on their hair and clothes, so they always look nice. She usually takes the initiative to take people on outings and haircuts without being asked by a supervisor.  She consistently helps out around the house and often volunteers to difficult appointments.  She truly cares for the people she supports, and you can see that every day she comes to work”.

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