2019 Boat Cruise

Six Homeward Bound individuals, along with their staff, enjoyed a beautiful day cruising down the St. Croix on August 10th! This is the third year that Foundation Board member Peggy Neale and her husband Ryne hosted. They graciously arranged the day out on their yacht for the lucky passengers and their staff. Due to the event’s excitement and fun, boat neighbors also got involved. They hosted an individual and staff, allowing for more people to experience a day on the water!

Rain only met us on arrival, and did not stop the joy of a boat ride! Once again, their wonderful boat neighbors welcomed everyone and set up a picnic. They set up tents over the tables to ward off any possible rain, and grilled the burgers while the boats were out cruising. As a result of Peggy and Ryne’s generous hospitality, they are already making plans to host us again next year! Boat cruise photos!

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